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She is strong and independent but values, family, friends, and relationships. She celebrates youth, no matter her age and believes laughing until you cry can cure a world of pain. She likes her front porches wide, her tea extra sweet, and she values deeply rooted family traditions. She believes a monogram says more than a name and will use it any place she can. She appreciates a personalized notepad and always sends a handwritten thank you note. She wants to help those in need and knows that the greatest joy is found when you show love to others. She believes nothing matters more than family and takes pride in her homemaking but offers herself grace when things don't go as planned. She is constantly battling her inbox (she prefers parcel and post anyway) but she never forgets to call her mama. She whistles while she works, loves to entertain, and believes every day is a gift and meant to be celebrated. She never belittles the details because she believes its the little things that make the big things worthwhile. She believes in creating her own destiny and doesn't bother climbing any corporate ladders or keeping up with the Joneses. She's determined to live intentionally, passionately, and to always remember what matters most.