There are some big changes coming and we are so excited. We believe, wholeheartedly, they are for the better and can't wait to share it all because we've got a lot up our sleeves. For now, we're answering as many questions we can think of that you might have, below.

Why are you changing your name?

We have been selling products under 'Stephanie Creekmur' for almost 4 years now. During that time we have learned and grown a lot. Our boss lady, Stephanie, is now a mentor to many aspiring, creative entrepreneurs and while sharing business knowledge is still a huge passion of hers, our first priority is to create new and fun products that help you celebrate the every day exuberantly. If you're a fellow business owner who looks to 'Stephanie Creekmur' for advice and inspiration, don't fret - there will still be a home for all that jazz. (Don't bother bookmarking that URL. It will change on August 3rd when we shift everything around!)

What in the world is Winnie Jean?

So happy you asked! ;) Winnie Jean is a combination of names from Stephanie's family and something we've been holding onto for almost a year. We wanted to make sure that this division of services was right and not just a blip on the radar. From Stephanie: "Winnie is what everyone calls my grandmother, Winifred. I have always linked my love for stationery and sending cards to her because she is the first person I remember doing such a thing. I hold on to her letters because one day I won't be able to hear her words but I will be able to read them. Jean is my momma's middle name (after my Grandpa Gene!) and she is how I learned to celebrate the small things. Growing up I would always find love notes in my lunchbox, a new shirt on my bed just because and I still get Valentine's Day care packages. These two ladies mean so much to me and have shown me how to have fun and love big. I hope to spread that message with every Winnie Jean order."

What is going to change?

Well, obviously our name, but we are also in the process of refining our current products and product offerings. We are getting rid of the clutter and making way for things y'all will love. Stephanie will still create work available for licensing and again, if you are a fellow business owner looking for tips, advice and inspiration - there will be a new home for all that, so stay tuned!

What is going to stay the same?

We will continue to deliver products inspired by our love of bright colors and bold patterns as well as our Southern heritage and small town upbringing. Stay tuned - the best is yet to come. ;)