Spring Cleaning For Your Business

I've been pretty vocal about the Winter slump I've been experiencing, but Spring is thankfully just around the corner! This time of year often prompts us to clean out our closets and garages and as business owners, it's important we do a little spring cleaning of our own! It may sound silly, but I feel an immense amount of joy after cleaning out the files on my computer so here's a look at 6 ways you can recharge your business this Spring (or once every quarter)!

1. Product + Service Offerings

Take a look at what you're selling, whether it's a product or service, and ask yourself, 1. Is this a good reflection of my brand and 2. Is it making me money? If you answer no to either of those questions than it's probably a good idea to remove it from your offerings or revamp it so it will work for you. In order to do the work we love we need to position ourselves in a way that asks for the right kind of business.

2. Website + Portfolio

With social media becoming such a large part of business culture, it seems that websites have been put on the back burner. This is the place people will go to purchase your products or hire you for your services. You need to be constantly editing your site and switching out photos to keep it fresh and new each time someone visits. If the first thing a potential customer sees when they come to your website is regarding a New Years sale, it might be a little confusing. 

3. Pinterest Boards

I love that "clean up Pin boards" is an acceptable task on my to-do list but it truly is necessary if you are going to use the platform as a marketing tool. I know for me, when I'm surfing Pinterest late at night I seem to pin all the things. I often go back and edit because quality > quantity. I want to be sure I am communicating my brand story correctly and not creating more noise for my potential customers.

4. Computer

Make sure you have backed up your computer (note to self: do this.) so that if anything were to happen you'd be safe. Next, clean off your desktop. I don't know about you but my desktop is where I save almost everything. I always have intentions of filing them away but the mess piles up quickly. Take 5 minutes to find a home for all those files currently on your desktop. It also helps if you have a pretty desktop wallpaper. I'm currently using the free Hustle desktop by Paper & Honey for Amanda Genther.

5. Your Inbox

I don't think this is a beast any of us will ever truly conquer but take 30 minutes and clean up that Inbox. File away (or trash) any emails that do not require your attention and address the ones that do. It's been said over and over, your Inbox is not your to do list, so stop treating it that way. 

6. Freshen Up Social Media Accounts

Are your head shots up to date? Are your web links and office hours correct? These days, social media is probably the first place a potential customer or client will come in contact with you. It's important that if you have a social media account open, you are active on it. Take the time to update any necessary information and update your timeline photos on Facebook and Twitter.

What other ways do you recharge your business?

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