Is Your Website Responsive?

I'm sure you've probably heard by now, but Google is making some changes to their algorithm. Some are calling this Mobilegeddon! Basically, if your site is mobile friendly it will show up better in search results than those that aren't. This supposedly won't mess with your ranking when searched on a desktop. You've got a few weeks before you really see a change so you've got some time!

I for one have been bummed ever since mobile websites came around. Mobile websites are just less beautiful. They're simple, which is a good thing since they're viewed on smaller devices but I just want everyone to get the full experience and I don't think you get that on your iPhone. Regardless of how I feel about it, mobile sales are rising and over half of the people are using mobile devices to shop and surf the web over a desktop computer! So, that being said - I've made sure to make it as easy as I can on people viewing from their phones!

Thanks to the heads up from Aeodila, I came across the Am I Responsive? website. It was fun to see the different way my website is displayed! Make sure you check it out and see how your site looks across the board and make any necessary changes that might prohibit someone from sticking around and making a purchase!

How do you feel about mobile friendly websites and how they look?

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