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Hey y'all - Stephanie here. It's been just about a year since I last popped in and shared the news that I would be stepping back at Winnie Jean and my sister Courtney would be taking over. While the decision was incredibly hard for me to make I don't regret it one bit and I'm thankful my sister was willing to step up to the plate and run the show these last 12 months. It has made the news I'm about to share with you a bit easier to swallow but I admit it's very bittersweet for me.

I have decided to close the virtual doors of Winnie Jean Mercantile. My eyes well up with tears as I write that to you because it feels like the end of a dream. I have loved (almost) every second creating and providing one of a kind hand lettered products for all of you and have so appreciated the overwhelming support I've received through the years.

In February, it will be 10 years since I started on this journey. Ten years - that's a decade I've been doing this! If I'm being honest, there is a huge part of me that feels like I'm going to be left behind. I continue to watch people who came after me succeed and grow and while that's so exciting and fun to watch I have some serious FOMO happening! But, greater than that I feel called to stay home, completely focused on my babies. (We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second son in the next 6 weeks or less.) While Courtney has done a great job this last year, it's pretty hard to run a hand lettered apparel and home goods shop when the hand letterer is MIA. She's sad for this chapter to close as well but has been so supportive.

Through the last few months I've come to realize that "not right now" does not mean "not ever again". One day there will be margin in our lives for me to pursue this dream if I so wish. I know I would regret missing out on the small every day moments in exchange for selling some t-shirts. (I don't normally feel the need to add a disclaimer when talking about my wishes to stay at home with my babies but want to be clear that I am sharing my story and what I feel is right for my family in this season. If you aren't able to stay home with your children or you prefer to work from or outside of the home I am not trying to say you are wrong. We all have to do what's right for us and our families and I hope you know I'm not trying to make anyone feel less than.)

SO, what happens now? We are going to finish out 2018 with a bang and launch our holiday collection. I have so much fun creating it and we have people start asking for it in September so I'm thrilled to end on this high note. Our holiday collection will launch on Monday, November 5th. On Monday we'll be back to share more information on the collection, holiday shipping deadlines, and shop closing dates. I hope you'll stock up on all the Winnie Jean goodness one last time!

See y'all on Monday! :)


  • I know how hard this had to be to write, but am thrilled for you to be confident with the decision to choose to enjoy this upcoming season with your littles. Sending love and good vibes for your way, today and for always!

  • I know this was a hard decision. I have watched you over the last 10 years and am so proud of what you created. I know that when the time comes for you to launch a new venture, it too will reflect you and where your journey is. I love you and will ALWAYS support you.

    Christie Jenkins
  • As the mama of these two amazing girls, I also have tears in my eyes knowing how much prayer and thought has gone into this decision. So proud of all that you have accomplished in these 10 years. Love you with all my heart!

    Paula North
  • ❤️

    Alex Morris

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