It's been quite awhile (January!) since I've posted anything over here but life has been moving pretty quickly! Since I last popped in, Jeremy and I bought a house, closed in February and began renovating immediately. We were married in May and now... are expecting a baby! Yep, I'm pregnant and baby Capan will be here in May 2017! 

It's been very surreal to say the least. I can't wrap my head around the fact that a sweet little babe is growing inside me. Although I'm definitely feeling it. I have been SO sick and am definitely looking forward to the end of morning sickness - which as I found out does not only happen in the morning (I've been sick from around noon until the time I go to bed pretty much every day). But it will all be worth it and I'm so thankful for this gift we've been given!

Photos are by my BFF Haley of Simply Makeup. She's so talented in so many areas! :)

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