End of Summer Bucket List!

Y'all. There are only 50 days left of summer! Now, I love fall as much as the next girl but I know what comes AFTER fall, so I like to hold on to summer as long as I can! Because I'm realizing summer is quickly slipping through my fingers, I decided to take matters into my own hands and enjoy what's left of it! Join me in fulfilling this 'End of Summer Bucket List'. We'll be using hashtag #WJSummerBucketList on Instagram so you can follow along - feel free to play along as well! We just might be sending out goodie bags to a few of y'all who are making the most out of your Summer as well!

Take the most scenic route home.

My boyfriend (I like to call him J) and I love to take long drives. It's one of my favorite Sunday evening activities. Hit the back country roads, roll your windows down and turn that radio all the way up!

Go glamping in the mountains.

This is something I'm checking off this weekend! I've never been camping (though I have roughed it before in the mountains of Haiti!) before so I'm kind of nervous but I'm really excited for the adventure. Wish me luck! 

Make your own freshly squeezed lemonade.

If I had to guess, Lemonade would be Summer's signature drink so what better way to celebrate summer?

Wear a flower crown.

I remember trying to make flower crowns with "beautiful yellow flowers" (Dandelions) as a kid. I think it's time I make this happen for real.

Shop at the Farmer's Market.

When I lived in Nashville I used to do this quite a bit. Mmm, I miss me some The Peach Truck Peaches! Since I've been back in Germantown I haven't purchased any fresh fruits or veggies and that's just sad y'all! Especially because I live in a farming town and fresh produce is literally all around me!

Buy fresh flowers for your desk.

There is just something about fresh flowers that can perk up your mood! Pick up a bright bouquet next time you're at the grocery! Or hint to your beau's that you're wanting some flowers. (Cough, cough, J.)

Relax by the pool with a cold drink.

This is something I have only done a handful of times so far this summer and that is just unacceptable! Get yourselves out by the pool, lather up the suncreen, krank the tunes and, sorry y'all - shameless plug - you'll need a koozie to keep your drink cold! ;)

Go see a movie at the drive-in.

I've already checked this one off the list but it was so fun I knew it had to be included! I might even try and make it happen again! There's just something so sweet about watching a movie out in the warm air, under the stars!

Swing in a hammock.

I used to have a hammock in my bedroom. (Seriously! I did!) I wish I had two shady trees in the backyard to put my hammock between but I'll have to get creative. This is one of my 'must make happen' items!

Get lunch from a food truck.

If you have never been a patron of a food truck, my friend, you are missing out. Empanadas Aqui is definitely my favorite (seriously, if you're in the Cincy area look for them!) but research your area and make it a priority before the Summer's end to eat a delicious treat, truck side!

Keep me posted on your progress, y'all! xo - Steph :)

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