Instagram for the Creative Entrepreneur


On November 25th I'm teaming up with Stationery Academy to offer a webinar - "Instagram for the Creative Entrepreneur"! This will also be when I launch my eBook (also titled, Instagram for the Creative Entrepreneur)! I know 4Q is a crucial time for small businesses and upping your social media game this time of year is so very important! This webinar is for those of you who may be unsure of what to post and how to communicate your brand message effectively. It's for those who are more interested in organically growing your audience than growing just for the numbers! Instagram is about community, not having thousands of followers! I know I don't have near as many as some Instagrammers out there, but the people who follow along really are some of my biggest cheerleaders and they are my target customers. I will share my best tips and secrets for an engaging Instagram account. I'll also share my favorite apps I use to help spruce up my photos and videos and we will discuss posting prompts to help get your wheels turning! If you have any questions, post them here and I'll be happy to answer them!

I do hope you'll join us! Head on over and register for Instagram for the Creative Entrepreneur! (It says February 24th but I promise, it's happening November 25th!) See y'all then!

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