The Butterfly Project

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This post has been a long time coming and I hate that I've waited so long! I'm so excited to introduce you to something you already know a little bit about, but it finally has an official name! (More on that later!) As you know, we've been raising money to help with the drilling of a well in Callebasse, Haiti (near the orphanage I've had the privilege of visiting and working at the past two summers!). Through the sales of our 'Love One Another' print and donations from generous businesses such as Nashville Sweets, we have been able to raise the $1,000 we pledged towards the project and then some. (You can read more about the well project here and here.)

Back in July (yes, JULY! I told you this post was a long time coming!) I received an update from Richard from Helping Hands in Motion"Last month we shared with you about the need to repair the Callebasse road, leading to the House Of Blessings orphanage. GREAT NEWS! The first week of June about 40 people came together to work on the road including: neighbors, HOB staff and the Oakland, PA. team. They all joined together starting the road repair process. One of the roughest parts of the road was repaired with 6 loads of sand, gravel and rock along with 54 bags of cement. We thank those who have sent funds for this community project making it possible for these repairs, traveling will be easier for everyone and easier on the vehicles and motorcycles using the road. More road repair days are ahead, we are excited about this happening and for all those who have worked and those who will be working. If you want to make a donation to this project please contact Richard Fields. Thank You and God Bless!"

It's so exciting to see a project come together and I'm happy we (with the help from many special people) were able to play a small part. The repairs to the road are one of the first steps in making sure the well gets built. Without roads that can be traveled by the machinery needed, the project was at a standstill. Below is a picture Richard sent of the team at work!

OK, so now that we've reached our goal for this particular well project, what happens next? We don't want to stop here. We still want the net proceeds from each Love One Another print to go towards a fund that truly helps us love on other people. We've been working behind the scenes to define what all that entails and we still have some work to do but we've given it a name: The Butterfly Project.

We have all kind of projects in mind from supporting another well project to sending a fellow creative entrepreneur to Stationery Academy - we want to always focus on others. The butterfly moves from flower to flower, pollinating and multiplying all that it touches. Much like the butterfly, I hope to share all the knowledge I gain on this journey and to spread love to those who need it most.

We haven't decided what our next project will be but are still keeping track of the LOA print sales and have some funds building for when the time comes! Y'all will be the first to know when we move forward! Thank you so much for your support and for following along! xo!

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  • wonderful post, way to give back! congratulations on raising fund for such an amazing cause. Thank you for sharing.

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