The Heart of Our Brand

Stephanie Creekmur: The Heart of Our Brand from Stephanie Creekmur on Vimeo.

About a week ago, Lindsey of Lenae Photography so graciously flew to Tennessee to shoot a little video about our shop and brand! (She was also in town doing a video portrait for the oh so talented, Jennifer Faught (CEO of Stationery Academy and founder and designer of Something Detailed) and I can't wait to see it!) I have to admit, I got a little teary eyed while watching our video because I feel like Lindsey really captured the heart of our brand and the people who work here. From little Dixie Mae's cameo to my family around the table (so sad my mama wasn't here to be a part of it!) it all just fell into place! I'm kind of nervous to share it with the world. Part of owning your own business and wanting to have a transparent, authentic brand, is putting yourself out there for all to see. It's a little intimidating to say the least but all along this journey I've chosen to just "do it afraid" (as Joyce Meyer said last weekend while I was in St. Louis for her Love Life women's conference!). I hope you enjoy this little video as much as I do. A huge thank you to Lindsey who is a beautiful person, inside and out and who I am happy to now have as a friend!


  • What a PRECIOUS video!! I love seeing your heart and soul behind the designs you create… and your mission statement at the end was the cutest thing ever. You go girl, keep rockin’ it and using your creative gifts to change the world! :-)

    Scarlett Lillian // The Decor Diva
  • You are an inspiration. Thank you for showing us what it looks like to be authentic and “doing it afraid” – you make it look so beautiful.

    Sarah Litty
  • Omg love steph. You go girl. So proud anyone who is looking for something amazing for their wall I always recommend you. And I’m always working to get back my jewelry and accessory business going. Hopefully one day I’ll be where your at. I think the word I want to use is inspire. You inspire me to reach for my dreams too. Mauh much love. Keep it up:)

    Ash landers

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