Shop Updates & Closing for the Season!

Yep, you read that right! As of Wednesday our little shop will be closed for the season! This year has been incredible and I am so grateful. While it's always a little scary to shut things down for a couple weeks, it's exactly what the doctor ordered. We are unable to guarantee delivery by Christmas and I want us (Courtney, Ali and I) to be able to soak up every minute we can with loved ones without the added stress of running the shop. The Etsy shop will be completely shut down but the website will still be up and available for shopping. There will be an announcement over there as well, but orders placed after December 18th will be processed on January 6th! I have a couple blog posts in the works that I'm hoping to share in the meantime, but for the most part things will be pretty quiet as we focus on what this season is truly about!
Now! For a few other updates!
Southern Sayin' Pencil Sets - We have a bunch of these shipping out today! If you are waiting for your pencils - they're a'coming! We have been blown away by the response to these and are so glad y'all love them as much as we do! As stated on the listing, we are completely SOLD OUT of the pencils we have in stock. We are getting more but any new orders placed will be shipped out on (or after) January 6th.
FREE SHIPPING - Today is the last day to get free shipping on domestic orders over $50. Make sure to take advantage of that - shipping charges are necessary but for the birds! ;)
SC Christmas Giveaway - On Friday, we wanted y'all to know how much we love you so we announced our Christmas giveaway! We are giving away a 2014 Planner and the Monogram and Baby It's Cold Outside prints! There is still time to enter so be sure to check that out! We will be announcing the winner this evening.
2014 Planners - We have a very limited quantity left! Be sure to snag yours before they're gone!
Selling on Etsy WORKBOOK - This was supposed to be a surprise but if you know me you know I'm terrible at keeping those to myself! I am in the process of working on a workbook to help those hoping to open an Etsy shop as well as those of you who are already running one! I've only written a couple Selling on Etsy posts and the response has been amazing. I am so touched by the emails I receive and I can relate to each one of your stories! I'm hoping this little resource will be a great way to get the ball rolling for you, so stay tuned for that!
OK - I think that's enough for now! Thanks y'all! xo - Steph

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