Party Straw Calling Cards

I have the best intentions of sharing my recent work on this blog but somehow I always fall behind! Regardless, today I'm here to share a fun project I worked on a few weeks ago! Back in March, you may remember, I had the opportunity to attend the AH Inspired workshop here in Nashville. Well, Amber brought the workshop back to Nashville and I was able to convince my friend Ashlee (we met through work and have so much in common. She is super creative and has big dreams just like I do. Needless to say, our dinner dates last for hours!) that she needed to attend the workshop! She is in the very beginning stages of her business so she doesn't have any branding collateral quite yet and she wanted to give the other attendees something they would remember. I suggested she give striped paper straws and attach her information to the package, because who doesn't love pretty striped straws? I just created a simple card with her information and I think they turned out super cute after Ashlee assembled! I can't wait to see where and how her business grows! :)


  • Thank you, Kate! I thought they were fun as well! Who doesn't love a striped party straw? ;)

    Stephanie Creekmur
  • I love this idea- these are adorable! Great job!

  • Thank you! I thought they were fun as well! Who doesn't love a pretty party straw? ;)

    Stephanie Creekmur
  • Oh my gosh, this is genius! Business cards are so easily thrown away and forgotten; I am sure the recipient of this pretty packaging is sure to hold onto it!

    Lovey Dovey Darling

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